Topic 1

Effects of spatial and temporal variation in dose delivery

Topic 2

Modelling of the biokinetic behaviour and risk for internal emitters

Topic 3

Improving environmental and health monitoring, particularly by lay people

Topic 4

Dose optimization in medical exposures

Topic 5

Benefit and risk associated with multiple medical imaging procedures

Topic 6

Radiation protection approaches based on individual radiosensitivity

Topic 7

Dosimetry in radionuclide therapy for individualized patient treatment

Topic 8

Biomarkers of exposure, disease and susceptibility

Topic 9

Risks of non-cancer diseases at low and intermediate dose levels

Topic 10

Improving cancer risk assessment

Topic 11

Adverse outcome pathways of radiation disease/effect

Topic 12

Biological and ecological effects of low dose/ low dose rate exposure on humans and biota

Topic 13

Integration of environmental exposure assessment for ionising radiation and other stressors

Topic 14

Optimising emergency and recovery preparedness and response

Topic 15

Social sciences and humanities (SSH)

Topic 16

Innovations, new findings and new technologies

Topic 17

Recovery and lessons learned from the Fukushima accident

Topic 18

Advances in preparedness for emergencies and recovery at national and international level; relation between research and operational needs

Topic 19

Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)

Topic 20

Human food chain modelling

Topic 21

Atmospheric radionuclides in transfer processes

Topic 22

Education and Training in Radiological Protection

Topic 23

Newly funded research projects

Topic 24